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VORON V0.1 Frame Kit - Blue
This is a complete frame kit in blue for a VORON V0.1. All extrusions are all securely packaged separately. It contains the following extrusions:  ExtrusionsQuantity 15x15 200mm 16 15x15 100mm 3  

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VORON V2.4 Frame Kit - black 300x300
Size: 300x300
  • einzeln verpackt
  • sehr gute Qualität
  • beinhaltet Schrauben und Winkel

99,90 €*
V2.4 Motion Kit (MechKit) POWGE
This kit includes all motion parts to build your VORON V2.4. Very high quality parts! There is a complete part list in the description.  ArticleQuantity GATES GT2 Open belt  LL-2GT-6 6mm 5 metres GATES GT2 Open belt  LL-2GT-9 9mm 5 metres GT2 20T pulley bore 5mm 6mm wide 3 GT2 16T Pulley bore 5mm 6mm wide 4 GT2 20T Pulley bore 5mm 9mm wide 4 GT2 20T toothed idler bore 5mm 6mm wide 2 GT2 20T toothed idler bore 5mm 9mm wide 4 GT2 80T 6mm wide 5mm bore 4 F695 2RS Bearing 20 625 2RS Bearing 12 GATES GT2 188-2GT-6 RF 4 5x60mm Shaft -Grind Flat 4 5x30mm Shaft 1

159,90 €*
  • Starker Extruder-Motor
  • Hohe Qualitäts-Motoren
  • Sehr gute Leistung

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Fiberlogy PA12 + CF15 Nylon
PA12+CF15 filament designed for printing in FFF/FDM technology, available in one color, wound on a spool, vacuum - packed in plastic, placed in a cardboard box.

54,90 €*
Hartk Afterburner Toolhead PCB
Presoldered Afterburner Toolhead PCB from Hartk. High quality and easy to install. Revision V4.0The features are quoted from his github: BAT85 Diode presoldered for ABL probe An indicator LED to show when the hotend is on JST XH 2/3/4 pin headers for most components on the toolhead 2 pin Microfit 3.0 for the heater 0805 pkg thermistor to be used as a chamber temperature 14 pin Microfit 3.0 for the main connector back to the MCU It also contains the 14 pin MicroFit counterpart with terminals to easily connect the toolhead pcb. Find more information and all STLs which needs to be printed on the github page of hartk itself:https://github.com/hartk1213/MISC/tree/main/PCBs/Afterburner_Toolhead_PCB

19,90 €*
VORON 2.4 Printed parts
The print quality is very good! All parts are functionally. But keep in mind the parts are all printed from me or a PIF provider and could contain minor optical defects. We try our best to keep the best quality we can! Use the PrintItForward (PIF) Service in the VORON Discord if you are concerned about this. We are printing daily! You can choose between many colors! All parts printed with ABS+ / ABS.   Part list: CLIPS [a]_z_belt_clip_lower_x4.stl[a]_z_belt_clip_upper_x4.stl AB DRIVE UNITS a_drive_frame_lower.stl a_drive_frame_upper.stl b_drive_frame_lower.stl b_drive_frame_upper.stl [a]_z_chain_retainer_bracket_x2.stl [a]_cable_cover.stl FRONT IDLERS front_idler_left_lower.stl front_idler_left_upper.stl front_idler_right_lower.stl front_idler_right_upper.stl [a]_tensioner_left.stl [a]_tensioner_right.stl X-CARRIAGE blower_housing_rear.stlhotend_fan_mount.stlprobe_retainer_bracket.stlx_carriage_frame_left.stlx_carriage_frame_right.stlx_carriage_pivot_block.stl[a]_belt_clamp_x2.stl[a]_blower_housing_front.stl TOOLHEAD printhead_front_v6.stlprinthead_rear_v6.stlchain_anchor.stlchain_anchor_10x11chains.stlextruder_body.stlextruder_motor_plate.stllatch_shuttle.stl[a]_connector_cover.stl[a]_guidler.stl[a]_latch.stl XY-JOINTS xy_joint_left_lower.stlxy_joint_left_upper.stlxy_joint_right_lower.stlxy_joint_right_upper.stl[a]_endstop_pod_hall_effect.stl[a]_endstop_pod_microswitch.stl[a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_generic.stl[a]_xy_joint_cable_bridge_igus.stl Z-JOINTS z_joint_lower_x4.stlz_joint_upper_x4.stlz_joint_upper_hall_effect.stl Z-DRIVE z_drive_main_a_x2.stlz_drive_main_b_x2.stlz_drive_retainer_a_x2.stlz_drive_retainer_b_x2.stlz_motor_mount_a_x2.stlz_motor_mount_b_x2.stlz_chain_bottom_anchor.stlz_chain_guide.stl[a]_belt_tensioner_a_x2.stl[a]_belt_tensioner_b_x2.stl[a]_z_drive_baseplate_a_x2.stl[a]_z_drive_baseplate_b_x2.stl Z-IDLERS z_tensioner_bracket_a_x2.stlz_tensioner_bracket_b_x2.stl[a]_z_tensioner_x4_9mm.stl[a]_z_tensioner_x4_6mm.stl MISCELLANEOUS nozzle_probe.stlrail_installation_guide_center_x2.stlbowen_retainer.stlspool_holder.stl ELECTRONICS MOUNTING plug_panel_filtered_mains.stl DIN brackets lrs_psu_bracket_clip.stlraspberrypi_bracket.stlrs25_psu_bracket_clip.stlpcb_din_clip_x3.stlduet_duex_bracket_x2.stl  

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