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Fysetc Spider V2.2 with 8x TMC2209

This is the new V2.2 version. This set contains 8x TMC2209 so it is ready to use! features - Compact size: 155.3mm x 76.5mm - Based on STM32F446 180Mhz,all IOs...
Fysetc R4 Board (TMC2209)

Fysetc R4 Board (TMC2209)

Github: Specification Appearance size: 86*48 Layers: 4 layers MCU: RP2040 Power input: DC24V / DC12V Logic voltage: 3.3V Driver: UART mode of onboard TMC2209 Motor drive interface: X, Y,...
€39,90 €29,90
Fysetc TMC2209 V3.1

Fysetc TMC2209 V3.1

These stepper drivers from the company Fysetc impress with their quiet operation and low susceptibility to errors. SpreadCycle and StealthChop as well as Sensorless Homing are also supported. Features: -...