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Thermal fuse 125°C 15A 250V

Thermal fuse 125°C 15A 250V

Secure your heating bed with this temperature fuse! The fuse trips at 125° at the latest. Don't risk fire! Mount the temperature fuse on your heating bed and wire it...
OMRON D2F-L microswitch endstop

OMRON D2F-L micro switch end stop

With a housing protected against the ingress of solder and flux and a long service life thanks to fast crossbar snap-action contacts with 2 springs, for PCB mounting with a...
Power switch mit Sicherung 10A 250V

Power switch with fuse 10A 250V

10A 250V Includes a connection cable with forked cable lugs.SAFETY NOTICE:230V AC voltage can be lethal, please have any electronics connected by electrically trained persons only.

0.5mm² LINNEOFLON FEP cable (9m)

- Tinned copper conductors - 37 strands - Insulation material: FEP - 1.4mm outer diameter - Temperature range: -90°C to 205°C

0.25mm² LINNEOFLON FEP cable (70m)

- Tinned copper conductors - 40 strands - Insulation material: FEP - 1.0 mm outer diameter - Temperature range: -90°C to 205°C
Vorgelötetes ADXL345

Vorgelötetes ADXL345

Dieses ADXL wurde bereits mit einem 8 Pin JST-PH Stecker versehen, somit nur noch anschrauben und Krimpen.

LDO-36STH20-1004AHG Nema 14 Pancake Stepper Motor

LDO Nema 14 Pancake Motor: - T10 Gear - 1.8° step angle - 200 steps per revolution - 20mm body - 0.1 Nm holding torque Suitable for, Voron CW2, Galileo,...

WAGO 221-415 - 5 conductors

A must for every 3D printer, simple and safe wiring is hereby possible. Due to the high temperature resistance of the 221 series, the thermal fuse can also be wired...
Fysetc R4 Board (TMC2209)

Fysetc R4 Board (TMC2209)

Github: Specification Appearance size: 86*48 Layers: 4 layers MCU: RP2040 Power input: DC24V / DC12V Logic voltage: 3.3V Driver: UART mode of onboard TMC2209 Motor drive interface: X, Y,...
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