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Z Anschlagleiterplatte mit Omron Anschlagschalter

Z Endstop PCB with Omron microswitch

Pre-soldered Z-endstop PCB with an Omron D2F-L microswitch. Easy to install and high quality. The link for the STL can be found here:
XY Anschlagleiterplatte mit Omron Anschlagschaltern

XY Endstop PCB with Omron microswitches

Pre-soldered XY endstop PCB with 2 Omron D2F-L microswitches. Easy to install and high quality. You will need to print the following files:

Hartk Afterburner tool head PCB

Soldered circuit board for the Afterburner toolhead designed by Hartk. Its a high quality product and easy to install. This is Revision V4.0 Features taken from Hartk's GitHub page: BAT85 diode...
€19,90 €14,90

Hartk Stealthburner Toolhead PCB

Pre-soldered stealthburner toolhead board designed by Hartk. This board makes wiring the toolhead much easier. It also includes all the necessary counterparts for installing the circuit board. It has a...