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Thermal fuse 125°C 15A 250V

Secure your heating bed with this temperature fuse! The fuse trips at 125° at the latest. Don't risk fire! Mount the temperature fuse on your heating bed and wire it...

OMRON D2F-L micro switch end stop

With a housing protected against the ingress of solder and flux and a long service life thanks to fast crossbar snap-action contacts with 2 springs, for PCB mounting with a...
Z Anschlagleiterplatte mit Omron Anschlagschalter

Z Endstop PCB with Omron microswitch

Pre-soldered Z-endstop PCB with an Omron D2F-L microswitch. Easy to install and high quality. The link for the STL can be found here:
XY Anschlagleiterplatte mit Omron Anschlagschaltern

XY Endstop PCB with Omron microswitches

Pre-soldered XY endstop PCB with 2 Omron D2F-L microswitches. Easy to install and high quality. You will need to print the following files:
Heatinserts M3x5x4

Heat inserts M3x5x4

Very high quality heat inserts. 100 in a pack. Easy to use in 3d printed parts.
BMG Extruder Kit

BMG extruder kit

Specially for VORON's Afterburner Clockwork 1/2 hardened steel Optimized gearing ratio
4x Schwarze Gummifüße

4x Black rubber feet

Very high quality rubber feet. Perfect for 3d printers (VORON V2.4R2/Trident). 

V2.4 Motion Kit (MechKit) POWGE

This kit includes all motion parts to build your VORON V2.4. Very high quality parts! There is a complete part list in the description. Article Quantity GATES GT2 Open belt...

VORON V2.4R2 Screw Kit

Complete screw kit in black for the VORON V2.4. Some screws are oiled and should be wiped off but not washed! The exact number of screws can be found in...


This set includes 6x NEMA 17 17HS19-2004S1 motors. These are all the motors needed for the X, Y and Z axes. For the extruder you need another slim NEMA 17...
Afterburner PA12 + CF15 Printhead Dragon

Afterburner PA12 + CF15 Printhead Dragon

Withstands very high temperatures. Should be used with any afterburner that prints ABS/ASA. Suitable for Dragon Hotends (TL Dragon Hotend and Phaetus). Very high quality nylon print heads. Printed with...
€19,90 €15,90

Hartk Afterburner tool head PCB

Soldered circuit board for the Afterburner toolhead designed by Hartk. Its a high quality product and easy to install. This is Revision V4.0 Features taken from Hartk's GitHub page: BAT85 diode...
€19,90 €14,90