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Heatinserts M3x5x4

Heat inserts M3x5x4

Very high quality heat inserts. 100 in a pack. Easy to use in 3d printed parts.

copper wire brush

This small but useful tool is used to clean your hotend nozzle and other areas of your hotend. It convinces with its high-quality brass brushes and an ergonomic, handy shape....
Cable cutter multi tool

Cable cutter multi tool

A MUST HAVE for anyone who owns a 3D printer. Especially suitable for cutting or clipping filament or your printed parts. Also very helpful for cutting wires or cables, an...
Nevermore Aktivkohle

Nevermore Activated Charcoal

This activated carbon is perfect for use with many 3D printers. Due to the careful examination and composition of the raw materials, you will receive a safe activated carbon. The...
Upgraded Leadscrew Coupler

Upgraded leadscrew coupler

High quality and high precision. Removes z wobble and banding in any z-axis system. Working for 8mm leadscrews.
5x Neodym-Zylindermagnet 6x3mm (N35)

5x Neodym-Zylindermagnet 6x3mm (N35)

Zylindermagnet mit den Abmaßen 6x3mm. Benötigt wird dieser ua. in der Voron TAP sowie Mods wie z.b. dem Nevermore Filter, Klicky-Probe etc.  Details:- Durchmesser: 6mm- Höhe: 3mm- Klasse: N35

PTFE Teflon Tube 1.75mm

Inside 1.9mm Outside 4mm. For 1.75mm filament. Sold in 1m cut.
IWISS IWS-2820M (20-28 AWG) (0.08-0.5m²)

IWISS IWS-2820M (20-28 AWG) (0.08-0.5m²)

The IWS-2820M mirco crimping pliers are our new design pliers, which works for 28-20AWG (0.08-0.5mm2) open barrel terminals and connectors. Double-hinge mechanism and ultra-precise jaw provide reliable and accurate connections...
PT1000 Thermistor

PT1000 Thermistor

Trianglelab Thermistor PT1000 unterstützt Temperaturen bis zu 450°C und ist mit sehr vielen gängigen Hotends kompatibel, z.B. V6 und Dragon.

3x neodymium magnet 12x5x4

The small rounded magnets impress with their strong attraction, so that they can be used in a variety of ways. Above all, they are perfect for your Hydra project due...
Trianglelab Druckteil Entgrater

Trianglelab Druckteil Entgrater

Dieses Tool ist perfekt dafür geeignet, Reste des Brims oder einen Elephantenfuß von Ihrem Druckteil zu entfernen.Lieferumfang:1x Klinge 1x Griff
Pinzette Gebogen

Pinzette Gebogen

Gebogene Pinzette vom entfernen von Filamentresten an der Nozzle, aufsammeln von Schraueben an schlecht erreichbaren Stellen und vielem mehr. Eigentlich ein muss für jeden 3D-Drucker-Besitzer oder Bastler.