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Gdstime 30x30x10mm axial fan

Gdstime 30x30x10mm axial fan

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This 30x30x10mm axial fan is a powerful and reliable accessory for all types of electronic devices that require effective cooling. With a voltage rating of 24V and a diameter of 30mm, this fan is ideal for use in small electronics projects, computers, networking equipment, LED lights and more.

The fan consists of a robust plastic housing and a durable ball bearing construction. The fan design allows for a high airflow rate of up to 5.3 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and a noise level of just 29 dBA, providing quiet and efficient cooling.

This 30x30x10mm axial fan is easy to install and operate. It comes with a 2-pin connector that allows easy connection to 24V power sources. The fan can be easily attached to the desired surface to ensure optimal cooling.

This fan is made by a reliable manufacturer and is designed for continuous operation. It offers long life and high reliability, making it an excellent choice for any electronics enthusiast, technician or engineer.

Overall, this 30x30x10mm axial fan in 24V is an indispensable accessory for anyone who needs effective cooling of electronic devices. With its powerful airflow and low noise, it offers excellent cooling performance and reliability that optimally supports the operation of electronic devices.

Dimensions: 30x30x10mm
Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing
Rated voltage: 24V
Rated current: 60mA
Speed: 13000RPM
Airflow: 5.3 cfm
Loudness: 29.8dB
Air pressure: 0.47 bar (InH2O)

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