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Phaetus brass V6 nozzle (PH) - Vulcano

Phaetus brass V6 nozzle (PH) - Vulcano

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This brass nozzle from Phaetus can be described as a "standard" nozzle. It is perfect for everyday normal use due to its good value for money and can be used with a wide range of 3D printers. (Vulcano hotend required)

The brass is of the highest quality and is heat resistant up to 300C. The use of the most common filaments that are spread in the temperature range are therefore perfectly suitable. (Not usable for abrasive filament. Please use steel, ruby or tungsten carbide etc.)

Through certain manufacturing techniques it has been managed that there is no burr at the end of the nozzle. Furthermore, no deposits can be found in the hole. With a very fine surface roughness of Ra0.4, the filament is guided through better and is less likely to stick to the nozzle inside.

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