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V6 Hotend All Metal

V6 Hotend All Metal

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Trianglelab's V6 hotend has an all-metal heatbreak and delivers very good printing results. It can be used for a direct drive or bowden setup.

The set includes the following items:

  • Brass nozzle 0.4mm
  • Heatbreak All Metal
  • V6 heater block
  • Aluminum heat sink
  • Fan (12V or 24V)
  • fan mount
  • Thermistor (ATC Semitec 104GT-2/104NT-4-R025H42G)
  • 40W heater block (12V or 24V)

Marlin firmware configuration:

* 5 : 100K thermistor - ATC Semitec 104GT-2/104NT-4-R025H42G(Used in ParCan & JHead 47k pullup
#define TEMPSENSOR0 5

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